We’re really pleased to share that our new album will be released on 17th February. Entitled Katabasis, it will be available as a CD, a CD and T-shirt bundle (exclusive to Bandcamp) and on all major streaming services.

Katabasis album cover

Pre-Save or Pre-Order the album here

Our guitarist and producer extraordinaire Bon has this to say about the album:

“Calling the album Katabasis seemed appropriate given its gestation, writing and some of its recording occurred during the pandemic. We all felt, along with millions of others, that during this period we, and our psyches, stood at the limen of the underworld and a very dark place.’

“The best folk and horror stories focus on that point in time and space where the real and the unreal is at its thinnest – like a perpetual Samhain. It’s something that occupies a special place within the album, marking not just a connection with spirits, but also the passing of time and the changes it brings.

“Liminal journeys like this always involve a movement from one realm to another and back again, during which a transformation occurs. Whether Katabasiscan be deemed a transformation for Flange Circus is for others to decide. We would suggest it picks up where our first album Abandoned Glow finished. The same themes are present here – the otherworldly, the paranormal, the folkloric, the monstrous – on tracks such as Rhizolith, Three Foot Tall and Hairy, and I Find This Very Strange.

“Yet we’ve retained some of the sensibility of our second album Rural Eerie here as well, particularly on the dark pastoralism of tracks such as Curse of Milltown, Dew Flirt, Wasp Flute, and We’re in a Now.’

‘On the basis of the positive feedback we’ve had for the two singles from the album, It’s A Tree and Diabolical Bird, people are saying our sound has become more ‘accessible’. Listeners and fans of our previous work will be pleased (possibly) to hear that this is not always the case on Katabasis.

“Furthermore, the album is as cross-genre-bending as ever. Expect crushing industrialism, spectral cinematics, phantasmic techno, megalithic slow burners, and boggart beats. Recorded online and in person across a time where we all journeyed to shadowy places and times never seen before in our lifetimes, Katabasis is very much a Flange Circus release – with all that implies and suggests. It still spooks us out now.”


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