We have TikTok now. I know we’re a bit off the pace and all the cool kids are probably beaming their videos directly into each others brains by telekinesis by now, but cut us some slack please. And follow us here:


The countryside: a place of tranquillity, less compromised by modern life, harmonious communities, innocence and safety. This much is the rural idyll. Yet the rural is also the unknown rustling in the hedgerow as the country lane is travelled at night. It’s the half-seen shapes and shadows in the woodland and copse; the desolate hill side, the treacherous rocky crag, the lone leafless tree atop the knoll. It’s the place where supposed closely-knit social ties become like suffocating and impenetrable knotweed to the outsider, the incomer, the blow-in. It’s those rural places and spaces that host their own ghosts of occluded pasts and forgotten, unfamiliar practices. #hauntronica #synth #electronicmusic #rural #ruraleerie #flangecircus #katabasis #electronica #darkwave #darkwavemusic

♬ original sound – flangecircus

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